HS2 Update

Posted: Tue, 08 Aug 2017 14:40 by Emma

Following the Government's recent announcement on the route for the next phase of HS2: Crewe to Manchester and the West Midlands to Leeds, construction of Phase 2b is expected to start in 2023 ready for the railway to begin operations by 2033. To obtain the legal powers to build and operate this part of the railway, the Government intends to deposit a hybrid Bill in Parliament during 2019.

To prepare for the hybrid Bill, the Government has commissioned consultants to undertake an EIA and prepare an Environmental Statement (ES). The EIA will identify the likely significant environmental effects and appropriate measures to mitigate such effects. The draft EIA SMR consultation document is available online at www.gov.uk/hs2

At the same time, to inform the development of the Phase 2b scheme, the Government has commissioned consultants to undertake an EQIA and prepare an EQIA report. The EQIA will identify any particular groups with protected characteristics that may be disproportionately affected, and actions that may be necessary to limit such effects if they arise. The draft EQIA SMR consultation document is also available online at www.gov.uk/hs2

Further details on how to respond to the consultations can be found here

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