Kegworth Village Consultation

Having Your Say

Thank you to all Villagers who took time to "Have Their Say". The Parish Council have now considered all responses. Please look out for our August Consultation Newsletter that will be coming through your door very soon. Thank you again for taking the time to complete the questionnaires.

Kegworth Bypass Information:

Work to Kegworth's Bypass is now well underway with completion due in late Autumn 2018.

The Buckingham Group who are the contractors undertaking the bypass work are happy to receive your queries and questions. Please use these dedicated details below to contact them. To date, the contractor has been extremely helpful answering a whole host of questions.

Site email:
General Enquiries: 07980 999780
Considerate Constructors contact: 0800 7831423
Site Reference: 105907

There are many questions in relation to the Bypass some of which FAQs are contained in a document here. Others are:

Q Will the bypass be a dual carriageway?

A The bypass will be single carriageway; drivers will have to turn right off Whatton Lane to head towards the A453

Q What about the noise from the bypass? Will trees and/or hedgerows be planted along the side of the bypass to help reduce traffic noise for the closest properties?

A The installation of a noise barrier and bund/landscaping works (trees, shrubs, grass areas and wildflower mix) are within the scope of works as required by the Development Consent Order for the scheme (Drawing 1484/14)

Q Will the road surface be asphalt or concrete?

A The surface of the carriageway will be 'traditional' asphalt, not concrete.

Q With regards to the path next to the existing A6, which runs from Hathern to Kegworth. I am hoping the new bypass will have a similar path, along the side of the road, can you please confirm, thanks".

A The new roundabout will facilitate the route of the existing footpath as indicated in purple on the layout Kerbs, Footpaths and Paved Areas Sheet 30

Q Why has so much land been fenced off for work on the bypass? This would suggest the bypass will be much closer to properties on Langley Drive and Springfield than is shown on the plans.

A The official Development Consent Order defines the boundary to be available to facilitate the construction of the scheme – this will not be the final scheme boundary but will have a temporary post and wire fence installed to highlight the extent (Drawing 2.1F) The fencing for the boundary of the scheme will be post and rail fence (Drawing D2 T1)

Q What is the speed limit on the Bypass?

A The main section of the Bypass will be National Speed Limit (60mph) dropping to 50mph at either end before the A6 and the A453 (bridge over M1 will be 50mph). Whatton Lane will be 30mph and North A6 leading to Kegworth will be 30mph

All this information and drawings / plans are available to view in the Parish Council offices during opening hours.

To make any comments to the Clerk of the Parish Council, use "Contact Us" on the website or email or call on 01509 670204. If you prefer, you can come into the office or send us a letter.

Kegworth Village After The Bypass

Roxhill Developments Ltd is currently developing the East Midlands Gateway on land to the north of East Midlands Airport.

EMG has its own website, which has now been updated with information relating to the Kegworth Bypass, and can be viewed here There is a useful map with timeline of works and contact information for the contractor, Buckingham Group.

This website will be continually updated and will provide information on the construction works and traffic situation. A plan detailing the Kegworth bypass can be viewed here.

A plan of the traffic management installations on the A453 between J23a and J24 can be viewed here. This information relates to works currently underway, and includes the closure of Ashby Road off the A453 which was closed on 31 March for 40 weeks.

A More Attractive Village

When the new Kegworth bypass opens in Spring 2019, it is expected that we will see a reduction of up to 60% in the amount of traffic that currently passes through our village.

"… an almost never ending flow of cars and lorries"

As we've reported in previous communications, we have secured some funding to help us improve the village and explore what we could do with the downgraded A6, post bypass.

"…the centre of our village is dominated by traffic"

For decades, the A6 has carried heavy vehicles and an almost never ending flow of cars and lorries, the road being designed with vehicles and not people in mind.

We now have the opportunity to explore what a 'new' downgraded village road might look and feel like as less vehicles will pass through the centre.

What do we do with all this space when the lorries have gone?

You will already know that the centre is dominated by traffic, with the A6 cutting the centre of it in half. Pedestrians are squeezed into a small space as most of the area is given over to accommodating traffic. There is only one pedestrian crossing point, making it almost impossible to cross the road safely. The noise and fumes are over bearing at times. It is definitely not somewhere you would choose to spend a sunny Saturday afternoon with family and friends!

The Parish Council are working with residents and local businesses to explore what we should do with the downgraded road once the bypass is open.

Before we commission any design work, we want to make sure that everyone in the village has the opportunity to contribute to a 'wish list' for what we hope will become a more attractive village centre.

In March, we held a well-supported public workshop when participants helped to create this 'wish list'.

The 'wish list' so far for our village centre:

  • Reclaim the village centre for people!
  • Create a place that is welcoming, attractive and economically vibrant.
  • Prioritise pedestrians by creating more generous pavements and by making it easier and safer to cross the downgraded A6 by slowing traffic.
  • Reduce traffic noise by calming vehicle speeds.
  • Better, easier and more car parking (whilst also tackling abuse of parking spaces, e.g. 'park and fly').
  • More trees and greenery.
  • Create a better space for relaxation and community events.
  • Create a comfortable waiting area for bus users where the bus stop and bus shelter have enough space to be located next to each other.
  • Welcome visitors by making sure that bypass signage highlights the shops and services in the village centre.
  • Encourage cycling by providing convenient and safe places to park bikes.
  • Elimination of rat runs

Over the Summer we asked you to send us your comments on the 'wish list' so far, including anything you would like to see added to it. The closing date of 1 September has now passed; thank you to those of you who contacted the Parish Council with your ideas. We received some useful feedback, which has been passed onto the Urban Designer.

Once we've finalised the list, we will work to produce costed plans for local consultation. We expect this consultation to take place during 2018.

For inspiration, search for the 'Poynton Regenerated' film on Youtube

or read 'Traffic in Villages' at