Cllr Cheryl Maguire - Vice Chairperson

Cllr Cheryl Maguire - Vice Chairperson

01509 674299

Having lived in Kegworth for the last 25 years I have seen many changes. Now retired and a co-opted member of the Parish Council, I intend to continue to take an active role in protecting Kegworth as a village whilst continuing to be aware of the changing demands of future generations.

My experiences as a professional dancer, teacher and former Headteacher provide me with an insight in understanding the youth and social needs of the village.

My present interests include the local W.I., Wives, Singing Group and being a volunteer librarian.

I feel it is important with the increasing encroachment of the EMG, HS2 and additional housing that we fight to maintain the open spaces surrounding the village and continue to encourage a fit and healthy life-style.

With these challenges in mind, I have supported many of the Parish Council's initiatives including the successful opening of the By-pass. We are currently working on the increasing problem of car- parking, improving the village centre, Whatton Road play area and creating an Community Response Plan (in case of an unexpected emergency). I am also well aware of the changing needs of the village as population increases and the age profile changes.

Any Parish Council is only effective if it has the support of the Parishioners. To this end, I welcome feedback from the village and will always do my best to follow it up.

Cheryl Maguire.