Thank you for the swift payment of allotment fees which is very much appreciated. We wish you another successful year - especially now that the rain has stopped!

Alicia - Engagement Officer/Deputy Clerk

Information relating to allotments in the village can be found on this page

Used with kind permission of Mr J McKay

Kegworth Parish Council has three allotment sites within the village. They are on Sideley, Station Road and School Alley (just off Whatton Road). All our allotment sites are currently full, but if you would like to go on our waiting list, please contact the Parish Council via the link at the bottom of this page.

The Parish Council is a member of the National Society of Allotment and Leisure Gardeners.

Used with kind permission of Mr D Hayes

For more information on the Kegworth Parish Council Allotments, including how to become an allotment-holder, please contact the Parish Clerk here.

A note from the Clerk ...

Tenancies on all our allotment sites renew each year on 1st April. New agreements for signature are issued by the end of March. The Allotment Society encourages the Council to ask holders to sign agreements each year as this provides the opportunity for everyone to be reminded of the terms and conditions.

If an allotment holder is thinking about giving up their allotment before 1st April, then please contact the Clerk. This will then prevent you from being asked to pay the next year's rent and will allow someone else on the waiting list the chance to take on the plot in good time.

We always like to receive photos of allotments to show how busy everyone is and so that we can use these in this section of the website and on our facebook page to highlight the variety of fruit and vegetables being grown. Please email these to the Clerk using and then watch this space!

National Allotments Week is from 13th to 19th August 2018. This year the theme is "Living and Growing". The theme highlights the importance of growing your own food and the Society would like to see everyone incorporating fruit and vegetable gardening in some way in to their lives; however small. Herbs on a balcony, an apple tree on a patio, strawberries in hanging baskets or tomatoes in a big pot by the back door - ripe and ready to pop in a salad. Growing at home can help people on allotment waiting lists hone their horticultural skills and raises awareness for children of how and where their food is produced. As we are all aware growing on an allotment plot adds many more benefits for individuals, society and the environment. So, let's open our gates during the 2018 campaign week, show off our skills, share our joy in gardening and communal endeavour and get everyone living and growing!