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High Speed 2

The Parish Council met with HS2 Limited in November 2016 and has information on display in the Parish Office for the public to view.

The Phase 2b Crewe to Manchester, West Midlands to Leeds Route Refinement Consultation and Property Consultation ended on 9th March 2017. The Parish Council submitted its response before this date; you can read this response here

As part of HS2's commitment to limiting the impact of the project on the natural environment, a series of environmental surveys are required to progress the design and environmental assessment. In preparation for gathering data that will inform the Environmental Impact Assessment for Phase 2b ecology, HS2 consultants will be walking Public Rights of Way undertaking visual observations to gather initial ecological information about woodland habitats in the surrounding locality. This may enable them to make an early judgement on their quality and the likelihood that these woodlands support notable breeding bird assemblages.

The information gained from these visual observations will be used to inform whether there is a need to seek land access to the woodland sites and tailor the survey effort to provide baseline information. The use of footpaths to gather preliminary data will be in addition to the completion of the prescribed breeding bird surveys on woodland sites where full land access has already been secured. Both survey methods will be employed to gather as much data as possible.

An information sheet is available through the Helpdesk (details are at the bottom of the page). It is also available to view in the Parish Council office. Members of the public enquiring about the purpose of the visual surveys will be advised by the consultants that

  • they are walking the footpaths to complete initial observations of the woodlands in this locality on behalf of HS2
  • that the observations will be used to assess the quality of the woodlands and whether HS2 will need to make subsequent requests to the landowners for full access to the woodlands to survey for breeding birds (as part of the environmental assessment)

The consultants will have Helpdesk cards and will advise members of the public that they can contact the Helpdesk for additional information.

The Helpdesk is staffed by experts and encourages anyone with queries or concerns to call them their freephone number 08081 434 434. This number can also be found on their website www.gov.uk/hs2

For callers with hearing and speech difficulties, the freephone mini-com number is 08081 456 472.

Enquiries can also be sent by email to hs2enquiries@hs2.org.uk