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Kegworth Village Consultation Information

After at least 70 years of waiting and campaigning for a bypass, Kegworth is finally receiving one! Completion of the bypass will be October 2018, but is currently running ahead of schedule.

Consultation on the possibility of redeveloping the village began in March 2016. Out of this came a wish list as follows:

  • Reclaim the village for people
  • Create a place that is welcoming, attractive and economically vibrant
  • Prioritise pedestrians by creating more generous pavements and by making it easier and safer to cross the downgraded highway by slowing traffic
  • Reduce traffic noise by calming vehicle speeds
  • Better, easier and more car parking, whilst also tackling abuse of parking spaces e.g. 'park and fly'
  • More trees and greenery
  • Create a better spae for relaxation and community events
  • Create a comfortable waiting area for bus users where the bus stop and bus shelter have enough space to be located next to each other
  • Welcome visitors by making sure the bypass signage Highlights the shops and services in the village centre
  • Encourage cycling by providing convenient and safe places to park bikes
  • Elimination of rat runs

Should parking be introduced on Derby Road?

One of the questions we are asking you is if additional regulated parking should be introduced on Derby Road. By using some of Derby Road for parking it could:

  • provide additional parking for residents and shoppers
  • help to slow down traffic
  • give our village a more relaxed, continental feel
  • provide additional opportunities for benches, trees and pots to break up the expanse of tarmac and to make use of the width

Here is a brief calculation of the measurements of Derby Road to give you an idea of how this could be achieved:

8.8 metres = current road width on Derby Road
6 metres = minimum road width required for vehicles, post bypass
2.8 metres = width available for parking
2.4 metres = width required for parking

Consideration would of course need to be given to the method of control to prevent all day parkers, holiday makers etc. An example is that there is potential to say no parking between say 8.30am and 9.30am each day (except Sundays). Any 'no parking' hour slot could be chosen. The reason for choosing a single hour is because it provides consistency and keeps the cost of enforcement down which would need to be met by the parish.

If you have any questions, please contact the clerk here, call into the Parish Office or call on 01509 670204.