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Kegworth Parish Council

Serving the people of Kegworth

Information relating to allotments in the village can be found on this page

Used with kind permission of Mr J McKay

Kegworth Parish Council has three allotment sites within the village. They are on Sideley, Station Road and School Alley (just off Whatton Road). All our allotment sites are currently full, but if you would like to go on our waiting list, please contact the Parish Council via the link at the bottom of this page.

The Parish Council has recently joined the National Society of Allotment and Leisure Gardeners. We are having a meeting with the local representative of the Society on Wednesday 23rd March, 7.15 in the Council Offices. All Parish Council Allotment Holders are invited to attend.

An agenda for the meeting will be available on the meetings section of the website soon.

Used with kind permission of Mr D Hayes

Here is the latest newsletter from the NSALG

For more information on the Kegworth Parish Council Allotments, including how to become an allotment-holder, please contact the Parish Clerk here.

A note from the Clerk ...

The Parish Council hopes that our current Allotment holders have all enjoyed a successful growing year on the allotments, and are looking forward to more success next year.

We are currently undertaking inspections of all allotment sites, Station Road and Side Ley have been completed recently and School Alley will be carried out in due course. We would like to thank you for manner in which you are maintaining your plots.

In the meantime, The Parish Council would like to request that tenants ensure that the pathways which define your plots are kept clean, edged and well-defined in order that other allotment holders can access and move around their plot safely and easily.

Thank you again for your support.